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"Blessed she who clearly sees the wood for the trees. To obtain a bird's eye, is to turn a blizzard to a breeze"

-Brandon Boyd

Training and Certification:
  • Certified QHHT Level 2 practitioner
  • Certified BQH practitioner
  • Sacred Intuitive Arts Masterclass with Rachel Kirkland
  • BA Hawaii Pacific University
  • MA program University of Hawaii

Who Am I?

These are the things I know to be true:

Our potential is limitless

Our existence is divine

We are love incarnate

I have spent many years in my life trying to understand and embody the above words.  Like all of you, I am many things. It is impossible to paraphrase an entire existence into a few paragraphs.  So this is the "cliff notes" version. In my day to day life, I am a wife, mother, sister, grandmother and  animal lover.  I have worked in various field of employment, some of which I loved....and some, not so much.  I adore the solitude of a day at the beach, as much as I love a good rock concert.

Why have I chosen this profession?  Since my earliest memories, I have had spiritual or "paranormal" experiences.  I have spent years unraveling and exploring the meaning behind those experiences while learning to navigate the  metaphysical world. My empathy and love for this world and humanity is immense.  This world is not always easy.  I believe that only the bravest of souls have come here to experience a physical existence within duality.  For that mere fact, we all deserve credit for taking on such an immense and  arduous task.  Understanding why you came here makes this journey so much more gratifying. 


Throughout my life thus far, I have experienced immense joy, love and success.  I have also experienced tremendous loss, pain, illness and hardship.  I have hurt others, and I have been hurt.  At times knowingly and sometimes not.  If we are sincere about the desire to improve ourselves and understand our grander purpose, we must embrace ALL of it. We have to acknowledge the good, the bad and the ugly of our our choices.  Make peace with it, forgive it and set it free.  I believe that the most challenging situations in life, bring forward the most profound  expansion, knowledge and understanding of our true cosmic nature.    

I have always had an innate knowing that there is so much more to each human than what meets the eye.  It is my sincere desire to help you see the broader perspective of who you REALLY are. It is my goal that individuals can view  life's "tripwires"  as  the most amazing avenues for divine teaching.  Now, I completely understand that when you are in the "trenches" of life, that last sentence sounds impossible.  Actually that statement could make some angry. I get it. Been there!! But there is powerful guidance within you that wants you to see the grander viewpoint and deeper meaning. That connection goes by many names, God, Source, All That Is, among others. Whatever you wish to call it, it is the source of a love beyond description. 

Let that guidance speak to you.

It is my honor to  facilitate that communication with the utmost love, compassion and understanding.


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