What Others Have to Say

Mila (23) Small Business Owner

I wasn't sure that I'd be able to really dive into the session or see anything at all. Once my body was relaxed, Valerie helped me unlock my deeper self.  I had a profound journey and  saw things I never expected. I was quite moved. It's hard to describe how emotional the experience is.  It's  a lot to process. Valerie's kind nature made it easy to express the emotions I felt and put them into perspective

Dana (42) Retail Management

I spent many years second guessing myself. I'd had a feeling for a long time that something in my life was missing. After my session with Valerie, I decided I needed to make a move that I had been delaying. In the next month I packed up and did just that. I realized it was my own self holding me back.  I am very grateful for the experience. I am for ever changed for the better"

Steve (55) Civil Engineer

I was able to have a full  experience of two vivid past-lives in my session . I was amazed at our ability to travel through space and time. I was just shocked. So many aspects of my life was put into perspective. I was able to process some of fears and limitations because I now understand the origins.  This was  a truly amazing experience. Valerie is professional, compassionate and genuine. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to improve themselves, their life and their relationships.

Valerie de Beaumont

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

 Honolulu, Hawaii